Ruustinna – a piece of Saarijärvi history

Ruustinna is a heritage site, located in a protected clergy house about half a kilometre from the center of Saarijärvi. The Tarvaala clergy house, designed by K. V. Reinius, was completed in the year 1900 and is an important cultural heritage site of Saarijärvi.

When arriving from the main road, the Ruustinna main building peeks from the midst of the clergy orchard and park. A memorial to renown jurist Mathias Calonius, completed by Hannes Autere in the year 1939, also stands in the park, neighbouring a historical servant’s residence built in the year 1860, that used to be a part of the environs.

From the Ruustinna terrace you can admire the scenic lake views, sauna and fruit orchard. The main building was once home to the Saarijärvi parish office, and Ruustinna has been the site of many christenings, weddings and memorials during its over 100 years of existence.

Heta – The new Matron of Ruustinna

The clergy house has always been held firmly in the grip of strong women, and thus Ruustinna was named after the traditional honorific of the wife of the local provost. The tradition is continuing now that Heta, hailing from Viiala, Pirkanmaa, has taken residence as the new matron of the house. At the same time, Ruustinna is now home to the new matron and her husband, Timo.

Heta, a farm girl and the apple of her father’s eye, accompanied her father and took part in the daily work of the farm ever since she was a young girl. Heta has worked in the restaurant industry for over two decades, passing on the core values of the family unto her children. Hearty, delicious home cooking, prepared with love and care, valuing tradition, and hospitality to guests create a strong foundation and an attitude to life. At Ruustinna, food is prepared and enjoyed with joy.

Love brought Heta to central Finland. It was happy chance that a hearth and home was found in the locality, where the couple could bring to fruition their long-yearned dream of a restaurant of their very own. The family is now ready for the future, to settle in Saarijärvi and to create cherished memories.

” The best thing about Saarijärvi is the sense of community. People still retain values that larger cities are slowly losing. Nature is beautiful everywhere in Finland, but here the people really value and appreciate it.”
– Heta

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